Ice cream making games

Frozen Here is how a homemade ice cream is made. It is much more better than the ice cream you can buy in the shops.

ice creamUse the mouse to decorate your ice cream!

ice cream designerTake a plate and cones and make a lots of ice cream! If you don't have to something throw it into the rubbish!

ice cream gameDo you like ice cream? Because I very like! Make your own ice cream!

ice cream creator

Make ice creames a la carte. Put on dressing, fruits, etc., but be carefull, because your time is very short.

ice cream stackerGrab the ice cream, which drop off the sky, but you must grab only the same colours ice cream.

ice cream creationShow your best ice cream! You can put dressing, fruits, whipped cream, etc. to the ice cream! If you want, you can pick off the things if you don't need its. If you click to the arrow, and than to "show" you can show your masterpiece in a show.

If the game doesn't work use the Firefox browser